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*Note: The last time I was in Wanli, it looked like they had started construction on demolishing parts of this building.

This large abandoned center is situated near the Abandoned UFO Houses on Wanli Beach, but was probably abandoned at a later date. We’ve always eyed it as we weren’t sure if it was a completely abandoned hotel, out for the season, or under construction.

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After noticing the boarded doors on another trip to Wanli, we figured it was empty and decided to venture further.

The outside of this strange and curious building looked old and boarded up.

The entrance was a little difficult to find, but that was part of the fun, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. From the outside, we were expecting a grungy, dark, boarded up space, but instead we got this…

The center opening lead to the many sections of the building.

Floor to ceiling windows that just kept going up. The entrance opened up to a space that was about three-storey’s tall, and filled with windows. Bright light shining in and illuminating everything in the area.

The third storey was lined with a thin balcony.
The stairs had what used to look like a fountain running down the middle. It was now filled with empty flower pots.

From this spacious opening, we saw an elevator shaft, multiple hallways, stairs leading up and stairs leading down. We originally thought this was an abandoned hotel because of how luxurious the interior looked. I don’t usually such large windows or ceilings designed with the circular mosaics.

We decided to explore the first floor first, stumbling upon an empty corner room with one chair placed precariously in the center. Someone had also stuck red tape on the candles to make it look like they were dripping. We were definitely not the first in here.

A lonely chair placed in the center of an otherwise empty room.
Dripping red tape mimicking wax or maybe… blood?

Also on the first floor was an extremely dark alley. But once through it, it opened up into a spacious room. Columns and decorations lay strewn about. It looked like the place used to be a kitchen or themed restaurant.

The remnants of what used to be a themed restaurant.
A couple of creepy candles in the upstairs bar table. Maybe someone had celebrated their 5th birthday here?

We strolled around some more on the first floor, there were lots of large empty rooms and halls, probably where dining used to be.

An overgrown balcony filled with wild plants and palms. Taken on my film camera.
The overgrown balcony, a plant had broken through the windows, but the doors wouldn’t budge.

Hearing some clanging from upstairs, we snuck up slowly in case we got spooked. It turned out to be the wind blowing a door open and shut, echoing the clanging throughout the building. We closed the door, but it was strange to think how much noise had been moving through this building, with no-one to hear it.

Relieved to have solved the mystery banging, we walked out into the open-air courtyard, which was wet from last nights rain.

The rainy courtyard. A nice breath of ocean air after all the dusty rooms.

On the second floor, there were less banquet halls, but many small rooms with nothing but old kareoke machines drilled into the walls. Without any hotel rooms or other hotel facilities, the place was looking more like a recreational center, with a focus on dining (There was an industrial kitchen on the second floor too). At one point there was also a ballroom with mirrors lining all the walls, and Christmas decorations dangling from the ceiling.

Heading even further in, we found a gym. It circled around the room, with the center-way cut out to look down into the pool. The architecture not usually found in modern buildings. I don’t know if it was the must, the floor to ceiling mirrors, or the fact you can’t walk, let alone run, in a straight line (the design made it so you had to walk in circles), but the gym was one of the spookier rooms in the building.

Finding the door to the roof.

Walking in some more, we found stairs leading up to the roof. This was one of my most favorite rooms. The top of the stairway rose up in a spiral with small colorful diamond-shaped glass throwing colorful shadows throughout the opening.

My favorite part of the abandoned center was these spiraled roofs with colored glass windows.
Up on the roof, we got an unobstructed view of the courtyard from earlier.

Once up there, we climbed even higher, and were able to spot the courtyard we had walked out of earlier from the rooftop. From up there, you could even see the ocean.

A view from one of the windows. You can see the outside of the spiraled rooftop with mini colored glass windows.
We were navigating the space on the little light that leaked through the windows, and our iphone flashlights.
The creepy pool in the basement. Not sure why they’d close up the basement when you could be swimming to views of the beach and ocean.

Finally, with enough courage built up from exploring the rest of the building, we made a decision to explore the basement. It was pitch black, so we had to use our phone lights to navigate the area. The place had a pool in the center, with two round jacuzzi’s at the end. The pool still held some water in the deep end, probably from a leak when it rained. We could also see the creepy gym from below, and after a short while decided that was enough exploring and left through a small hallway.

The view from the second floor, taken with my Minolta SR7.

Overall an incredibly exciting trip, with hours spent exploring the many rooms and crevices of this large abandoned recreational center. While it was one of the spookier places at times, it was worth it to see the main entrance and breathtaking windows.

While this place seems like it is midway through demolishment, the UFO Houses down the road are still open (though they have now blocked entry and hired a guard to patrol the area).

I shared this post on Reddit, and was linked back to a Taiwanese blog post that came out in 2010 just as the building was opened to the public. You can see how the decor hasn’t changed since opening, many of the gym equipment was still the same when I visited the abandoned version.

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4 responses to “Abandoned Center in Wanli | Explore Taiwan”

  1. Wow. That is interesting and very sad. Just checking this is outside the Howard Plaza Hotel?

    1. Yes it is! Have you been there before?

      1. Most definitely. The most interesting part is that in the middle was a complex of outdoor swimming pools. The only place in Northern Taiwan you could find that really. I went there almost every weekend for seven or eight years until it was suddenly announced they had never properly acquired the license for the pools, and had to fill them in. I left Taiwan a couple of years ago, and that was a couple of years before that. I have hundreds of photos from there with the kids. The pic on my facebook profile has my kids and there in the background. Thanks for putting it up. Brings back memories.

  2. This place is now locked completely sadly 🙁
    I had time to go once before it got walled…

    The kitchen and spa were the scariest places!

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