Abandoned Seaside Building Taitung

Urban exploration by the sea, in an abandoned building in Taitung.

On a drive down to Taitung, we passed by lanes and lanes of trees, until in the corner, tucked away by a cliff we glimpsed a peak of a roof, and gaping walls with the telltale signs of painted graffiti telling us this was an abandoned building.

The grass was overgrown, clinging to our pants as we crawled in. Once inside, we realized how large the space was. We were instantly greeted with multiple floors and huge windows looking out to the ocean.

Venturing in further, we happened across quirky graffiti that covered the walls leading down a hallway, where a bear with crying blood red eyes waited for us holding a heart.

The multi-story abandoned building was painted head to toe.

Taitung graffiti artists have a sense of humour.
Eyes watching every move.

The graffiti in the building played with the elements around it, such as the painting of the ocean underneath the window with views of the water.

On the third floor, a dark hopscotch was painted on the floor, beckoning players to jump.

The building was falling apart, with roof tiles missing, and entire walls torn down. The huge openness brought in all the light, and beyond the painted walls we could enjoy Taitung’s beautiful greenery and ocean in the backdrop.

This was a relatively easy building to get into, and out in the countryside. Again exercise caution if you ever go into any building.

Follow my abandoned map for more.

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