Chiayi Turkey Rice | 和平火雞肉飯

Search for Turkey rice in Chiayi and you’ll find 5 – 10 stalls in one block alone. It’s hard to pick, but luckily we were recommended a long list of restaurants, and decided to stop by this one small stall off the main street.

At the entrance, the main prepping station blocks almost the entire doorway forcing you to squeeze past the line of people picking up their lunchboxes, and the small space between the table and wall. In the back room, the seating areas are stacked next to each other, where you sit almost back to back while watching the store owners prep the giant turkeys in front of you.


There were turkeys strewn around the small stall. One up front on full display next to a vat of oily turkey soup. If the long line doesn’t pique a passerby’s interest, the giant turkey will.


Further in, another huge turkey lies by the chopping block. Here more of the meat has been cut off to be served in the plates in either slices or minced versions.


By the end of our meal, the turkey had turned into a pile of bones, the meat already in our bellies. Next to it the shop boasted a perfect giant turkey butt. (If you’ve ever had chicken butt as a skewer in the night market or at izakayas, you’ll be tempted to try this!)


We ordered several side dishes. Turkey intestines with chopped ginger and a heaping pile of minced garlic. Not for the shy!

We also ordered several other truly Taiwanese side dishes. Pidan Tofu (century year old egg with soft tofu and sweet soy sauce), bamboo slices, and cooked fried tofu.

Finally, the Turkey Rice in all it’s glory. The rice was flavored with the fragrant turkey oil. A perfect mix of fatty and lean but tender meat topped the fluffy rice.


We also ordered braised eggs to put on top of our turkey rice.


For around 35nt, this is a meal you can’t beat. Come before the lunch rush to give yourself a boost of energy to take on the day.

@darren.mok capturing the moments before we devoured our lunch.

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Giant turkeys were strewn around the place in this tiny street stall. One in display up front next to a giant vat of turkey soup. One in the back where the meat was prepped for the rice, huge parts of it in different plates (do you see the turkey butt in picture 5?), and ofcourse turkey meat in every dish on every table. I loved the oil-soaked rice of this shop, and the truly Taiwanese side dishes. Peep the turkey intestines and the heavy handed spoonful of minced garlic on top. When in Chiayi, you have to eat turkey rice, and keep eating until you find the one you like! ——— 🦃 和平嘉義火雞肉飯 🗺 No. 107, Heping Road, East District, Chiayi 💰~30nt 🤰#foodbabyChiayi

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🦃 和平嘉義火雞肉飯
🗺 No. 107, Heping Road, East District, Chiayi

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