Croatia Abandoned Places: Photos from Haludovo Palace Hotel on Krk Island

Once the place to be, the Haludovo Palace Hotel now sits abandoned waiting for new guests

Built in the 70s, The Haludovo Palace Hotel and casino, spent a short-lived one year hosting wild casino games and luxurious guests, before suddenly and quickly being left to ruin.

Quick History Of The Abandoned Hotel from 1970 – 2002

Built by Bob Guccione, founder of Penthouse magazine, and designed by Boris Magas, lifetime-awarded architect and designer, the Haludovo Palace Hotel was always meant to be a flashy, extravagant, place to see and be seen. However despite the money pumped in, reportedly costing over $45 million USD in 1970 ( ~$354 million today!), it failed to make enough to last. Part of that was the years-long Balkan wars, and the subsequent failure to bring in international tourism, necessary as past casino regulations meant only international tourists were able to gamble. Because of that, the casino quickly went bankrupt after a year.

Throughout the years afterwards, the hotel switched ownership multiple times. In 1991 – 1995 the hotel was used to host refugees during the Balkan wars. Eventually, in 2002, thirty years after first welcoming guests with caviar, lobster, and champagne, the Haludovo Palace Hotel finally and officially closed its doors and lies in ruins.

The Haludovo Palace Hotel Today

We happened across the Haludovo Palace Hotel as a suggestion from a Croatian local. They had seen my past abandoned posts, and said this was a great place to visit since we’d be in Krk.

Entry Way and First Floor Lounge

We easily found the entry way after parking and walking down the hill. From above, it’s hard to see the abandoned buildings as it’s covered by shrubbery and trees, but once you’re down the hill you quickly see the expansive brutalism architecture.

Although the walls still looked white from the outside, you could immediately tell it had been abandoned for a while. Graffiti covered any empty wall, windows were all broken in, the floor was covered in dusty leaves and broken glass. Walking in, you are first greeted with the open-air lobby, large circular sofas gathered around a main space and a bar. The conversation pits are reminiscent of 70s design, focused on group gatherings. The latest graffiti mural matched the purple cushions.

Heading Upstairs

Unfortunately the elevator was down, so we had to take the sketchy stairs. With no handles, it was a little nerve-wracking to walk up 4 flights of unsupported stairs covered in slippery dust and sand.

Abandoned elevators of the Haludovo Hotel in Croatia.
The elevators were out of service that day so we took the stairs.
Stairways of the abandoned hotel.
The stairs from the first floor.

Rooftop Views

From the rooftop you could really see how large the place was. It was then that we realized there was even a whole other building (pic 3). From the rooftop you could also peer down into the lobby through the interesting squares which let in natural light. An ironic ‘fuck tourism’ graffiti artwork takes up half the rooftop’s wall.

Graffiti rooftop of the abandoned hotel and casino in KRK.
What my browser tabs look like.

Some more graffiti that I liked. Im Going To The Beach was a great one because as you continue walking through the abandoned hotel, out the backdoor, you find yourself at a beautiful public beach. Compare the graffiti to Taiwan’s abandoned beach town graffiti and you’ll find similar humour.

Although the Haludovo Palace Hotel is far from its days of caviar and champagne, the beautiful architecture and haunting memory of what it used to be continues to lure in curious travelers.

Have you visited the Haludovo Hotel or read Penthouse? Leave a comment below.

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