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3-in-1 Zipline and Underground River Tour

This was our biggest experience at Puerto Princesa. A 3-in-1 Puerto Princesa Sabang Adventure Package included paddling through the Mangrove jungle, zip-lining 800 meters across the ocean, and exploring the breathtaking underground river. We were picked up around 7:30am at our hostel and from there it took a 1.5 hour van ride to our first stop. There’s a lot of waiting on this tour, but you’ll be home in time for an early dinner.

Underground River Tour

The 45-minute guided tour takes you through an expansive and impressive underground river through a cave entry in a lagoon. Inside you’ll find lots of sparrows, bats, stalactite and stalagmite. There were also lots of eerie cave rocks shaped just like scenes from everyday life. We passed by a whole grocery store of vegetable-shaped cave formations, a zoo of dinosaurs, and… now I don’t ever see religious figures in things, but we also passed by one giant formation shaped just like a close up of Jesus’ face! Here’s a picture from Angelmacaraig’s blog.

Do you see the resemblance?

The tour ends back at the entrance where you’ll head back onto your boat and back to the dock. From there you’ll have a buffet lunch, and some time to relax by the beach, or walk around the little stores and massage shops nearby. Next…

800m Zipline Over The Ocean

Ziplining from the top of our hike down onto the beach.

After a quick 20 minute hike across the beach and up some steps on the hill, you will arrive at the peak of a small mountain. Here you’ll find the zipline deck with the zipline stretching out over the sea and going all the way back down the beach. Note: You’ll be going down with whatever you’re holding on you at that moment! So make sure your bags are zipped up and shoes on tight.

We ziplined for a minute across the sea with the beach to our left and the endless ocean to our right.

We went on a windy day, so our zipline was slower than usual. This was great for us because we got to enjoy the minute long ride and take in all the amazing views of the mountains and never-ending ocean.

After the zipline, you’ll be taken by van through some bumpy offroad to the mangrove tour.

Mangrove Tour

The last stop on the tour was a paddle boat ride through the Mangrove forest. Clamor onto a boat paddled by two experienced tour guides. They’ll point out all the different types of mangroves that grow in the forest, as well as any wildlife you might see. These long-rooted trees are a source of habitat to many animals, including monkeys, snakes, lizards, aaaand TAMILOK.

This special woodworm lives in the roots of dead mangrove trees. They also make a delicious treat. To get them you have to cut open the root and scoop them out. After cleaning, they can be eaten raw and taste JUST like oysters. See the full video below.

If you’re in Puerto Princesa for a day, I recommend doing the 3-in-1 tour to experience as much as you can.


3-in-1 Tour Cost: 3000php
Coffee and snacks at first stop: 200php

Klook Itenerary

  • Approximately 6:30am-8:00am Hotel pick up
  • Shuttle transfer to Underground River
  • 9:15am Orientation
  • Wharf boat transfer
  • 9:30am Underground River Tour
  • 12:00pm Lunch at Sheridan Beach Resort
  • 1:00pm Mangrove Paddle Tour
  • 2:00pm Sabang X Zipline
  • 4:00pm Depart for downtown Puerto Princesa
  • 5:30pm Drop off in city center

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