A high-value Japanese Omakase in Taipei 真真庵壽司割烹

What another beautiful omakase in Taipei. Sets range from around 2000 to over 4000NTD. We went with the lowest range which was about $2500NTD – but the amount they give you is worth so much more! I ended up losing count, but I believe we had over 15 courses.

They start you off with a abalone soup, raw oyster, and a selection of lightly-sauced sashimi.

Everything was very fresh, highlighting the fish core taste with seasoning that wasn’t over-the-top. They had a selection of beautiful white and red fish served on seasoned sushi rice, and light toppings, most only had soy sauce, but a couple had thin onions, extra wasabi, or in the case of the juicy scallop a dollop of crab roe.

We also ended up getting a small cold sake which went great with the food.

And then ofcourse the showstopping uni, in gorgeous glassware. They started prepping this while we were eating our nigiri and our eyes couldn’t stop wandering over to the spiky dome, mouths-watering thinking about the creamy uni.

But my personal favorite: grilled mullet roe.

This classic staple is usually found in both Japanese and Taiwan cuisine, here it was soft and warm, while still sticky so that all the oils could be tasted while eating. They offered to this as a pairing to our sake which – as they suggested – was incredible. It’s almost like pairing cheese to wine.

We then ended with a steamed egg pudding that had silver foil (a nice change from the overdone gold-foil), and bite-sized pieces of wagyu steak. Was not expecting that for the set price we ordered, but it was a welcomed addition.

On a weekday night – the place was quiet, with just a few of us on the bar table, a great place to enjoy a peaceful dinner of beautiful fresh seafood.

🍣 真真庵壽司割烹
🗺 No. 5, Alley 7, Lane 303, Section 3, Nanjing E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan
💰 $2500NTD

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