Secret Speakeasy: Oopsy Daisy

Entrance Spoiler: Tucked away upstairs DonBuDon, Oopsy Daisy Garden is an oasis for cocktail lovers.

The decor of Oopsy Daisy changes drastically from the minimalist Japanese decor of the restaurant downstairs, bursting into colors with lavish greens, oranges, sprawling plants, and mirrors. Cushy couches in a variety of designs line the walls, and the cozy space invites intimate conversations between groups of friends.

Oopsy Daisy’s hidden garden on top of Don Bu Don.

At the bar, experienced bartenders and bar-head whisk, muddle, mix, and shake a variety of delicious cocktails. Creativity pours out of the bottles and into your cup with ingredients like: salty butter infused Bacardi, beef fat washed sweet vermouth, and local flavors like sugar apple and tapioca pearls.

Japanese Beef Fat Washed Dolin Sweet Vermouth, Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Rosemary-Thyme & Peppered Lime Smoke.

I ordered the Wagyu Martini which looked like an old fashioned, but was made with tequila and sweet vermouth. It’s a large drink for a martini, but comes at the same strength. It’s both sweet and smokey and when paired with the small piece of wagyu beef on the side the oils bring out even more of the cocktails flavors.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz with Lemongrass-flavoured tonic water (left)
Formosan Fix with whisky, pineapple, sesame syrup & ginger(right)

We also ordered the Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz with lemon-grass flavoured tonic water (A fizz), topped with a grapefuit. It was a great refreshing summer drink. And for the drink on the right, if you’re looking for local flavors, you can’t go more Taiwanese than a pineapple cake inspired cocktail. The Formosan Fix cocktail used local pineapple, ginger, and whiskey, and sesame syrup (All very Taiwanese flavors)!

Oopsy Daisy Garden bites. Puffs with octopus, shisimo, and other interesting flavors.

As a pre-starter to our dinner we ordered off Oopsy Daisy’s bites menu and decided to try their unique puffs. Using pastry puffs usually reserved for desserts, they filled the centers with savory delights like wasabi octopus salad and shisimo leaf. It was a great balancing out with our drinks.

The drinks don’t stop! Wagyu Martini with a Meilongccino: Dragon Fruit, Lavender infused Vodka, Plum Milk Foam.

When our dinner table at Donbudon was ready we took our drinks downstairs. How convenient to have a speakeasy right on top! Before we started our dinner we topped off with a Meilongccino, a beautifully pink cocktail made with Taiwan’s dragonfruit, lavender-infused vodka, and a plum milk foam. This was a drink that stood out to all of us, both in style and taste.

The stairs behind Donbudon leading up to the secret speakeasy bar upstairs.

Dinner was just as incredible. To read about what we ate check out my DonBuDon article!

Another round to finish off our night cap. We got a Thyme Flies: Thyme & Lemongrass Liqueur, Sake, Vodka, Lime, Soda Water
and a Herbed Up: Coriander & Lemon Thyme infused Lillet, Grapefruit Juice, Gin, Soda Water

After dinner, we excitedly went back upstairs for more cocktails. To finish off the night, we ended with some herbal drinks. We chose the Thyme Flies which utilizes herbs like thyme and lemongrass in a liquer, mixed with sake, vodka, lime, and soda water.
We also got a Herbed Up, which also uses a thyme but infused with lemon and coriander in Lillet, grapefuit juice, gin, and soda water.

Both were refreshing with strong herbal flavors that acted as a fantastic ending to our dinner. Oopsy Daisy is definitely one of the best speakeasy bars in Taipei, with creative cocktails, excellent service, and deluxe don bowls right downstairs if you need it.

A fantastic dinner and delicious drinks are all I need to make me this happy. Cheers!

My post 2 years ago on Oopsy Daisy when it first opened. Still bursting with creativity!

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At the Don Bu Don opening yesterday where @bastienflmt made a variety of delicious creative cocktails 💚 Taipei’s hippest new restaurant, serves dons downstairs with a bar upstairs. ————— 🍸DonBuDon & Oopsy Daisy 🗺 no. 3, lane 160, yanji st, Taipei 🤰 Follow the hashtag to see more of Taiwan’s cocktails! #foodbabydrinks

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🍸 Oopsy Daisy Garden
🗺 No. 3 Lane 160, Yanji Street, Taipei


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