What To Do In Taipei This Weekend [April 13 -15]

Food, Drinks, and Music in Taipei

There are a couple interesting events happening around Taipei this weekend. Let’s hope the weather stays sunny!
I’ll be at a few of these, so stop by and say hi.

Wine Feast (All You Can Drink Wine and Middle Eastern Food)

free flow food and wine at wine discovery taipei

Date: April 13
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Location: Wine Discovery
Price: 1200ntd at door

There aren’t a lot of all you can drink wine events in Taipei especially ones catered to Middle Eastern cuisine. Having grown up in Saudi, I’m pretty elated to get to try the cuisine with paired wines. The venue itself (Wine Discovery) is a homely little spot stocked with french wines and friendly wine experts that will help you pick the perfect bottle. Every month they host an all you can drink wine party – so make sure you make it to at least one!
More Info – Map

Urban Nomad / Opening Freakout

urban nomad and opening freakout music festival in taipei taiwanDate: April 14 – 15
Time: 2pm – Midnight
Location: Tiger Mountain
Price: 1000ntd at door

This is an event I’m very excited about. Put together by talented artists and curators around Taiwan, Urban Nomad is a celebration of the weird and the wonderful underground art and music culture here. It’s also set up in Tiger Mountain (a cousin to the tourist-spot Elephant Mountain) so you can enjoy nature’s works of art too. If the weather’s not too bad, hike up and enjoy a day to night event full of unique bands, art, music, and drinks.
More info – Tickets – Map

Second Hand Saturday Clothing Sale

second hand clothing sale at french kiss taipeiDate: April 14
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Location: The French Kiss
Price: 50ntd

Here’s a great shopping opportunity where you won’t have to spend a lot to find great clothes. At The French Kiss this Saturday, you can shop for second hand clothes, fix or recycle your old clothes, or donate used goods. ( There is a 150ntd fee to sell your own goods – NOW SOLD OUT)
More Info – Map

Extra Open Air – Free Outdoor Music Party (Grassroots)

outdoor music festival extra open air taipei taiwan exploreDate: April 14
Time: 2pm – 10pm
Location: Grassroots (Near Huashan 1914 Creative Park)
Price: Free

In the spirit of celebrating art and music, here’s another one of my favorite events in Taipei. Grassroots is a community of artists that have built a safe place for music and art to be enjoyed right in the middle of the city. (Close to Taipei Main Station). Come listen to local DJS, mingle with people, and soak up good vibes.
More Info – Map

SailorTeam台北 Underground Music Event

sailorteam underground music event explore taipeiDate: April 15
Time: 3pm – 8pm
Location: 濕地 venue
Price: 650ntd

This Hong Kong label is putting on a show this weekend in a cosy underground music venue. Expect some future punk, vaporwave, and city pop by DJ’s from SailorTeam. The underground music scene in Taiwan has been growing recently and I’m curious to see where we’ll be in a few years.

More Info – Map

Have a fun event you’re going to? Share them in the comments!

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  1. So, what is happening in the next weeks? We will go there on vacation and would be grateful for more infos! Thanks!

    1. Hi Mike! Just uploaded a new blog post on events happening in Taipei in May 🙂

      Hope that helps

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