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French Wine in Taipei

A few weeks ago I stopped by Wine Discovery for their all you can drink and eat party and had to go back again to learn more about the charming French wine store. They regularly sample foods from restaurants around Taipei along with their wines, and are having another event this Friday (ft. Mexican food and fresh new wines)!

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bar table at wine discovery
The bar table at Wine Discovery where you can chat and sample wines and cheeses.

A distributor, producer, and tasting bar, Wine Discovery is part of French company Invivo that has stores in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. I learned through Katherine, the manager and wine expert at Wine Discovery, that their research showed Asia as the 2nd biggest consumer of wines (I wonder how much I contribute to that statistic).

The great thing about Wine Discovery is that it wants to increase wine exposure in Taiwan so they plan and host multiple events a month. Out of their 50 different wines (and counting), they showcase and sample a couple at each event: from all you can drink/eat parties, art and wine tastings, to local food pairings, the small store brings in an interesting crowd and the chance to learn about wine culture.

wine bottles from wine discovery
The wines we sampled – from white, rosé, to darker reds
wine discovery sababa foodbabytw explore
All you can eat – April featured Middle Eastern food from Sababa
sababa hummus at wine discovery
Delicious hummus from Sababa (sorry it was already half gone by the time I got to it)
pita from sababa
Unlimited Pita – am I in heaven?
cheese board at wine discovery taipei foodbabytw
The event also included several cheese boards!

The all you can drink wine event runs at 1000ntd (prepay), an amazing deal where you can try new restaurants and new wines each month. Last month (April) we went to the Middle Eastern food pairing and got to taste 6 new bottles of wines (as well as eat an incredible amount of hummus and pita bread).

As for the wines – I loved the Cordier white wine, but the Old School rosé was a special bottle – sourced from one of their favorite wineries – Maris (Languedoc, S. France). Maris doesn’t only produce award-winning wines, they’re one of the top 5 ecofriendly vineyards. The horse on the logo is the actual horse that helps them harvest and farm! Even the labels are made out of recycled papers.

maris wine at wine discovery taipei events
Special wines from Wine Discovery – Maris is one of the most ecofriendly wineries in the world.
red wine with lighting
Their bar uses special lighting so you can clearly see the color of the wines

The cool thing about the bar is you can change the lighting from ambiance to tasting. The light helps you clearly see the color of the wine reflected on the table.

When they’re not running events, this shop is a lovely and inviting place to hang out, taste some new bottles (200ntd per glass) and talk to people. Grab a glass and order a cheese board – and don’t be afraid to ask questions – everyone I’ve met there has had their own unique experience with wine and are super friendly!

Check out their event on May 11: All you can drink wine and food from Pachuco

wine discovery all you can drink foodbabytw
Cheers! See you at the next event

Wine Discovery
No. 10, Lane 53, Zhulun Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 7pm – 11:30pm
Wednesday: 7pm – 11:30pm
Thursday: 7pm – 11:30pm
Friday: 7pm – 12:30am
Saturday: 7pm – 12:30am
Sunday: closed
Phone: 02 2778 8378
Price: 200ntd for a glass of wine

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  1. I cant believe I am missing out on this!! 🙂 looks amazing Foodbaby!

    1. There’ll be one in July! Let’s go!

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