A New New Start

I’ve been blogging on and off for a year now, I’ve tried my hand at steemit and a couple other WordPress blogs but never stuck with it. I love food but felt overwhelmed by the amount of work food blogging takes. However, for the new year (my resolutions start late) I want to start properly documenting the many food experiences I have and had in Taiwan so that I can share and re-live them.

Why blog?


I personally think Taiwan is a great place to start a food/travel blog.
1) There’s a huge amount of food here, focused mostly on local ingredients and styles, which means you likely won’t find it in other countries. (I’m thinking of my favorite: stinky tofu and duck blood) I want to show people how great food culture is in Taiwan.
And 2) There is a huge lack of information on websites here. There’s been countless times where I want to find the menu, prices, or general information of a restaurant, only to find it links to an empty Facebook page. It’s frustrating to see, especially when it turns people off what could have been a delicious meal.

So here’s to many more blog posts ahead. (I’ll be working backwards for the first few posts, I’ve got around 7 months off food to catch up on.) Hopefully this will be helpful for others trying to find the next good eat in Taiwan.

Why Taiwan?

I moved to Taiwan in the summer of 2017 (seems like decades already). I used to visit this beautiful island every year, and have grown to love it even more since moving here. I love watching it change and become a more popular travel destination for foodies and explorers. There’s so much to eat and do in Taiwan it’s a shame to not share!

Hiking in Yehliu, Taiwan
Taiwan also has unlimited hiking spots! Taken in Yehliu, Taiwan

I try to put as much information as I can on my Instagram, but I’ll be using this blog to supplement with more pics of food, location, and more.

Meanwhile check out my Instagram to see more up to date posts.

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Sticky rice crab from yesterdays story. Love crabs with egg, I was surprised when I first moved to the states to find crabs without eggs! I always thought eggs was the norm. This dish was my favourite of the night, I had almost 5 bowls of it 😛 you can call me shellfish for not wanting to share ———— 📍Golden Formosa (recently awarded a Michelin star) 📍金蓬萊遵古台菜餐廳 🗺 No. 101, Tianmu East Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111 🗺 士林區天母東路101號 📱 02 2871 1517 ————— (Tbh, the Michelin stars don’t mean much in this years list. It’s like they only tested 30 restaurants and picked 20 out of the list because they had to… while I think this dish was good, nothing was really any better than just good. Certainly not worth what Michelin used to stand for) 🤰#foodbabyseafood

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