stinky tofu xiao long bao taiwan

Stinky Tofu Xiao Long Bao – 上海邵师傅汤包

Creative flavors and unique styling – fun little XLB store near Liuzhangli

Two of my favorite things in one! Stinky tofu, and xiao long baos. I first visited this little spot 6 months ago on one of my first foodie meet ups. From Instagram friends to real friends, meeting up with strangers online has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in Taiwan (Sorry Mom).

Since then I’ve thought and talked about this place to many people. The xiao long baos at 上海邵师傅汤包 are so exciting to me! I love that it’s opened and run by locals who wanted to take the classic xiao long bao and dumpling and create something new with them.

Each XLB (xiao long bao) costs around 80ntd and you can choose to have them steamed or fried. We picked fried for the stinky tofu, and I love how they stack the dumplings. Very photogenic!

For the mapo tofu and zajiang we chose steamed dumplings as they’re more saucy flavors. Someone on Reddit said they look like little forests, and I didn’t think I could fall in love with dumplings, but I did just then.

Mapo Tofu and Zajiang Xiao long bao

Mapo Tofu and Zajiang Xiao long bao

stinky tofu xiao long bao taiwan

The famous (or infamous?) stinky tofu xiao long bao.

mapo tofu xiao long bao dumplings

Mapo Tofu xiao long bao – careful they can get pretty spicy!

mapo tofu and zajiang xiao long bao

Someone on Reddit said these look like little forests and I love the imagery!


Prepping for the shot.

Also check out the difference a phone upgrade makes! (@iphone please sponsor me) This was my Instagram post 6 months ago, and my Instagram post from last week.

Address: No. 31-1, Leli Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
Phone: 02 2732 5148
Open: Monday – Saturday 11AM – 8:30PM



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