Quality Sushi Omakase in Taipei | 米匠 Mi Jian [臺北美食]

Eat at Mi Jian omakase for a date night or dinner with friends

‘CP’ in Taiwan is a performance indicator, telling people the cost to performance ratio of experiences. If something is really good and at a reasonable price you would say it has high CP.

Like the omakase at Mi Jian which has a great CP, at a starting price of around 1400ntd ($43 USD), you get creative starters, a wide array of carefully prepared nigiri, fried fish, mini don bowls, fruit, and dessert.

There are two 米匠 Mi Jian restaurants in Taipei – and finding seating shouldn’t be too difficult. We booked 米匠Mi Jian in Da Zhi neighborhood so we could easily find parking.

There are three meal periods (12:00pm, 6:00 pm, and 8:00 pm) They serve all customers at once, so make sure you’re on time.

The starters begin with a non-gmo locally made tofu, that is much more QQ (the Taiwanese way of saying chewy). Then a fried sweet potato cracker with truffle butter and ikura (a substitute for crab since me and another diner were allergic). Then a steamed egg with. a juicy oyster.

The prepared fish ready for sashimi and nigiri

The many nigiris that followed were all introduced to us with where the fish came from, how it was prepared, and why the flavors they chose complemented the fish’s taste and texture.

Other Highlights

From abalone, sashimi, tempura, and the famous giant don bowl.

The famous large don bowl with a mix of fish, highlighting the eel!


The soft chewy mochi with syrup was my favorite, and I quickly finished that in a few bites, followed by a sweet tangerine which was a refreshing way to end the meal.

Restaurant vibe and aesthetics

I love the coziness of the restaurant, with lots of warm wood tones and a beautiful wooden butterfly sculpture, it’s intimate enough for a cute date night. Even though there were families and celebrations, it was a quiet and welcoming dinner with everyone leaving happy with their omakase meal.

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Booking: https://inline.app/booking/mijian/mijian2
⏰ 12:00–14:00, 18:00–21:30
💰 1400NTD~

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