Taipei’s Speakeasy Barcade | Speedrun by VG Taiwan Nightlife

Looking for fun things to do in Taipei at night? Try this Arcade Bar.

To enter this newly opened barcade in Taipei you first have to find a way in.

Donned with a classic Akira poster and mini arcade game – the entrance isn’t too difficult to figure out (you can always ask for help if needed).

The first floor seats a small bar and restaurant, walk through to find a stairway with sweeping red light. Upstairs you’ll find the a small hallway lined with tables and classic arcade games from Tetris, Metalslug, and The Simpsons.

You get a token for every 200nt you spend on drinks or food, and each game has a challenge where you can win shots for yourself or your table! Fair warning, these challenges aren’t easy. Just in Tetris, you’ll need a score of 25000 or above to win back 4 shots. (I scored a measly 6000 on my first go, and 11k on my second).


I’m a big fan of the atmosphere, it seems like most people are there to have fun with the arcade games. However, it is a small space with only around 4 tables, if fully booked the place will be packed. Make sure to call ahead if you’re a big group (4+ people).


Since I’ve been taking a break from drinking alcohol, I ordered a couple mocktails -they have freshly-made mocktails made from fruit juices – one more sweet and one on the sour side. I enjoyed both. (300nt)


Along with their drinks, you can order food such as karage fried chicken, or shaken fries: a bag of thinly-cut french fries paired with a housemade spice packet you can shake up in the bag to flavor your fries.

Would recommend this place for people that like to play games, challenge friends, meet new gamers.

🕹 Speedrun by VG
🗺 Tongan St, No. 79, Taipei Taiwan
🕑 Wed – Sun, 9pm – 2am
💰 300 – 400nt per drink
🤰 See this post on Foodbaby

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